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with commissioner antonini voting against. >>> yeah, the s pc resolution, is transmitted to us by the hp c now do we need too take action of some kind on this or do you want us to acknowledge it? >>> you are not required to take any action, the recommendation that they passed is to the board of supervisor but it's here for you to include it or make recommendations. >> no, i think we have taken acon one of their recommendations which, is to provide land use for prop that are to the of local landmark stot and expand on that and the last bullet are technical changes to the code and the other ones are more policy related and so, i think we are all well and good i don't know if we really need too take specific axon it. >> if i can just point out really quickly, if any of the recommendations specifically related to the area plan, for the amendment to the general area plan if you wanted to adopt any of those, if we don't dhaip now if the board of supervisors changes the proposal for the general plan and then it would have to come back to the planning commission for their distribution and so if the
, down one 3/4%. coming up later we have a contrarian investors sees big opportunity for hp in 2013. he nailed down the move in bank of america this year. he said it was the stock to buy. he was right. stick around for what he has to say about hewlett-packard. interesting stuff. what an interesting day. let's look to the floor show. traders at new york stock exchange, the cme group and the nymex. my, oh, my. let's begin with ben willis at the newscy. -- nyse. we had some bias coming in the last half hour. >> as long as washington keeps santa claus hostage we'll continue to see this. "the santa clause" rally hasn't appeared because it has been over this fiscal cliff. kudos on fox business for the headline of story coming out of washington congress will meet on sunday this coming weekend that. is definitely took us off our low. we had a major rally on that. 10 handles on the s.o.p.s we watched down here. it was a painful trade there for a couple of hours. ashley: ben, very quickly up until now the market hasn't really reacted to the fiscal cliff but seems today it really sort of kicked in
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valley junt. did hp really spend 11 billion dollars on a product that didn't exist? >> buried alive. skiers caught in after lavrm. trick that helped her survive. >> el ♪ does the les mis hit the right♪ special other than the aisle review from don sanchez. >> legend of the fit. did fighting help shape the fighting help shape the evolution of our hand he. >> fraud and coverup. those are allegations hp shareholder level against the palo alto board of directors tonight. david tells us that it's a new twist surrounding hp troubled purchase of a british software company. amazing story. >>reporter: hp web site has plenty of details about it's 10. new product wasted on technology it acquired from autonomy that's a british software company hp bought last year for 11.7 billion dollars. however this shareholder lawsuit claims the board is engageing in fraud because idle 10 doesn't exist. >> executives of the company including the directors alleged knew that this product didn't exist. yet on november 29th, 2011, year ago, they told the world they had this new they called it the nex
.)jjt the rain is coming to everybody in a short while. [ inaudible ] >>> this morning, hp faces first lawsuit over the acquisition of british software company. hp shareholder accuses the company of representing value hp says accounting fraud caused it1÷÷ to overestimate the value by almost nine billion dollars the suit names hp's ceo whitman and several directors. >>> if you had a chance to talk to president obama, what would you ask him? students from around the bay are writing letters sharing their hopes for the future. education reporter leeann melendez. >> reporter: the letter is written to the president start out with a simple -- >> dear president obama. >> reporter: what follows are >> reporter: what follows ar --t curiosity, like do you wear a suit everyday? >> how do you feel about romney losing, do you feel sad for him? >> reporter: the fifth graders are participating in a program called mail to the chief.2;/ñ organized by handwriting without tears. the idea to encourage students to get interested in government. >> anything that you want to write is fine. >> reporter: this year th
by hewlett- packard. hewllet recently accused autonomy executives of inflating revenues prior to hp aqcuring the company last year. a statement on the website reads "the former management team of autonomy strongly rejects the accusations made by h-p." general motors is putting the brakes on the production of some cars and trucks. according to the wall street journal, the automaker has an overload of unsold cars and trucks. over the holidays, gm plans a 3-week shutdown at its lordstown, ohio, plant, where the chevy cruze is built. shutdowns may happen at another factory as well. meanwhile, ford is increasing production by 11% next year. disney fans will soon have new choices to add to their netflix queue. disney plans to sell the rights to some of its new movies to netflix. starting next year, netflix users will be able to watch disney releases at home shortly after the movies hit theaters. netflix stock surged 8% on the news. meanwhile, there's a surge in c- notes. the 100-dollar bill is considered the preferred method of payment for drug deals, arms sales and tax evasion transactions. as a
. last month hp wrote down the value of autonomy by $8.8 billion citing accounting mistakes. the suit says the company misrepresented the original value of the acquisition. hp says they are reviewing the claim and are not able to comment on it. >>> the fight over thomas kincaid's estate is over. they have not made the details public. the two have been battling over the artist's estate since he died last april. >> they are notifying people south of market that a sex offender has moved into the market. david simons is a violent registered sex offender. he talked with worried residents tonight. >>> there is a flier in every mailbox on mission street alerting the registered sex offender. the manager is uneasy. >> i don't really like it, but we are going to give it a try and see what happens. >> simons was just released from prison after serving 24 years. convicted of violent sex crimes against children under 14 years old. >> mr. simmons is classified as a sexually violent predator. parents and children have a right to be noticed and to protect themselves. >> patty pinele has a picture of
. airports are tradod the stock exchange and hps the government and services as well >> carroll. i tell you, i use the roads in the country and i go skidding on two to school and i am part of the reason there is it pot holes it makes sense to charge me more. >> i think that is a linier solution to a complex problem. if you have a suv . i am with johnathon. why can't they add value instead of taxing us. i am in illinois if you add a chicago bears and hello kitty on those license plates. people pay up for that . offer us something that why would be willing to buy and give them extra revenue . maybe i am spending to much time with the pren pren. >> i think we need to. i spepped a lot of time, too. it is it incredible. >> and there i no other promosal thats serious . you have to admit one thing. somebody has to pay for just wait . julian's poi. if you go anywhere else in the world. the fuel tax is three dollars a gallon. maybe we should raise it. >> of course we should raise it if it makes sense. there are plenty of tollroads. >> that is it a used tax in itself. it is it another huge tax and ma
they say happened under a bridge just a few blocks from hp pavilion. >>> we are keeping an eye on king tides and we will tell you whether you can see some flooding. >>> and the opening bell is coming up, we will tell you there next. >> >> welcome back, we are celebrating not one, but 2. they are while lions pay thed -- highly anticipated in the bay area and we are hoping for 13 to $15 a share but there is the opening bell and they are excited. over on the new york stock exchange another ipo that hit, they are based out of texas so it's a good sign to have some going public in this atmosphere. >> we will smile and say thank you for joining us thursday december 13th, i am dave clark. >> time now is 6:30 and in overnight news, we have been following since 4:30 crews have cleared a fatal crash. a woman passenger in the sedan was killed. the chp is was investigating the possibility she was not wearing a seat belt and investigators do not think she was wearing a seat belt in that crash. >>> the death of a woman found on a street is being called suspicious. >> reporter: pam, they say the woma
it came from, how fast >>> fraud, cover up both allegations of hp share holder is leveling against palo alto company board of directors. abc 7 news's david louie says that is a new twist surrounding the troubled purchase of the software company. the web site has plenty of did he tails about idle 10 based on technology. a british software company hp bought last year, however this, sharer2b?m holder lawsuit claims the board is engaging in fraud because idle 10 doesn't exist. >> executives of the company including the directives knew this product didn't exist. yet, november 29th, a year ago, they told the world they had this new, next generation platform. it did not exist. >> other companies turned down offers to buy auto nominee as too costly. shareholder attorneys claim hp is trying to whitewash a deal gone sour. >> if you buy a product, it doesn't work, you don't tell the public it work autos the board is on a hot seat, including silicon valley pioneers meg whitman and mark andresan. should they have known better? >> mark is not necessarily a super star evaluation expert or accountant.
&p, and nasdaq moving lower by four-tenths of a percent. by the way, hp, talking about the stock yesterday, the pick, the worst performer on the dow dropping more than 2% in a 10k filing, the justice deeartment looking into the purchase of atonomy, the embattled software maker. they went ahead and made the deal last year, and you can see red arrows in other names, ibm up by, about, well, 34 points. you see hp down almost 2.5 #%, and dow down by 1%. by the way, the stock down, by the way, more than 30% this year. apple, meanwhile, the tech stocks if you can see. apple, down a couple bucks. that's what i can tell you. basic materials, same story. we have red arrows across the board, and you have to look at the basic materials in metals as we said. caterpillar off, freeport mcmoran off, and newmont mining down, the sentiment for so much undecided in washington. the selling in the mining shares is due to the weakness in gold, down 16.54, down to 9.40 an ounce, dollar rising against the euro, a flight to safety. silver moving lower and flirting with $30, right at $30 an ounce. platinum also low
peoples. nhk world. >>> many people in advanced economy feel a sense of responsility t hp those indevel contributions sometimes miss the mark. they can spend a lot of money and still fail to meet local needs. a japanese group is taking a different approach with simple, affordable solutions. >> reporter: many people survive on less than a dollar a day. in this village people life stands for the better a few months ago when they received their basic construction. it's a water purifiepurifier. it makes ground water drinkable. another simple solution is a portable light charged by sun. he has a nonprofit organization from japan. in some places he walked alongside staff from the united nations. he has seen first hand that many people need assistance. >> translator: programs to assist people in developing countries seem to be too compcated these da. i felt we should return to basics. we should see how people in poverty live their lives. and think about what they struggle with. that's what led me to simple technology. >> reporter: he runs to find affordable solutions. he introduces the winners
was giving toys to kids. >>> san jose police are invest dated from the hp pavilion. officers were called to the scene to give reports for an undone shows woman and when they got there they found she was dead : he invest greaters -- investigators believe her death was suspicious. >>> he was gunned down tuesday night while unloading groceries from his car. he had his open luck career title. -- he had his own luxury title. >> he works hard and he is my hose model. >> neighbors say they have been concerned about safety and some families plan on meeting with the police about the case today. >>> the core north cotransfer control the the department and falls short of a full take over but the deal does stem from the riders scandal 12 years ago. oakland failed to complete 12 date concerns and we have the judge who is having the final say. >>> city council is expected to keep it from air space. they expressed interest in one of the remote control devices to be use you had in emergency situations as well. they are worried about possible be interference and i have phone users are now available. the
you do is look at the real laggards, hp and intel come to mind real quickly. >> right. >> they are down low for very good reasons. they are reason to be the desk top computing is definitely under siege with more mobile computing. the management issues with hp. all of those things need to be ironed out and as a result the stocks have underperformed. >> are you saying you would buy those here? >> we don't own them right now and not contemplating buying them right now. talk about strategy, you know, this is where you would look if you're espousing this strategy of buying longer term laggards that have underperformed. these are two, you know, exhibit "a" names that you would look at, but you'll have to be patient and you'll have to wait out a lot of internal activity, especially with respect to h and p before you get some growth. >> chris, am i right in thinking that some of michael's darlings are actually some of your dogs for 2013? specifically intel and hp? >> let's look at intel, hp and also throw microsoft into the mix. one of the things we look at when we're looking
. longtime ceo, paul ottolini, is n his way out. (nats) hp's &pattempt to diversify froo slo growth haadwaae took a disastrous turn. the company announced an 8 billion dollar charge related to its purchase of software firm autonomy. its shaaes are trading at 10 yeer lows (natss anddonce mighty gettingga dell)) its shares are down over 25 percent year to date even micrrsoft, whose recently updated windows software and new flashy taalet aae getting high marks ... found tself on the defensive "steve what do you say -- is the pc dead? the pc as never been dead. it never will die. it re-imagines, it moves ona" sounds good, their eyes elseehere... "your - biggest holding was apple, why pas a great proddct ith the pphone and the ipad." eave it to grade schoolers to kkep it factor, is gone for good.. - unless you'vv dropped it r nasty to it or its hard drive is about to die? there's no reason to replace it,,that's market. n the flip side, &preplaaement of product isswha "analysts are preddcting that apple mmy sell 50 million year." (nats) in 2012 alone they'vv released 3 new ve
hackers accused his company of using questionable accounting. he says hp is ignoring his letter explaining how there is a write down.80x >> this is a letter you can find on my web site. and it's a simple question. nothing controversial, that you can just relie to. let's get some answers. >> hp says it turned over evidence to authorities in us us and uk for investigation. also, $1.9 pillin in an prosecution agreement settling u.s. probes of money laundering tied to europe's largest banks. surss say that would make it the largest foriture ever by a bank. in a agreement, prosecutors allow a target to avoid prosecution by meeting certain conditions, including payment of fines or penalties. stocks closing high yes, better than expected. Ãalso all pulling in. and square is now offering digital gift cards just in time for the holiday season, users will be able to buy gift cards to merchants that use square through the app. the companies expected to process $10 billion in transactions this year. in san francisco, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you weather. news upper mid west digging out f
's shareholders. last month hp wrote down the value of autonomy by $8.8 billion citing accounting mistakes. the suit says the company misrepresented the original value of the acquisition. hp says they are reviewing the claim and are not able to comment on it. >>> the fight over thomas kincaid's estate is over. they have not made the details public. the two have been battling over the artist's estate since he died last april. >> they are notifying people south of market that a sex offender has moved into the market. david simons is a violent registered sex offender. he talked with worried residents tonight. >>> there is a flier in every mailbox on mission street alerting the registered sex offender. the manager is uneasy. >> i don't really like it, but we are going to give it a try and see what happens. >> simons was just released from prison after serving 24 years. convicted of violent sex crimes against children under 14 years old. >> mr. simmons is classified as a sexually violent predator. parents and children have a right to be noticed and to protect themselves. >> patty pinele has a p
hp pavilion sleekbook 14 packs a whole lot of value in a lightweight, stylish, future-proof device. a full array of ports allows for fast connections to mobile devices and accessories. comes with up to one terabyte of storage for apps, music, movies, photos, and more. and then, with the brand-new windows 8 ultra-intuitive app interface, make this hp sleekbook a smart choice. smartphones -- also hot again this holiday, and while a lot of buzz has been around the iphone 5, a number of android devices might be better value for you, like this lg optimus g from at&t. i like the clean, crisp, 4.7-inch high-definition screen -- great for watching movies, working on e-mails, playing video games. the optimus g also comes with a great megapixel camera for shooting photos and high-definition video so that anyone in the family can snap the perfect holiday image. speaking of capturing the perfect holiday image, you know how, when you're with you're friends or your family, you're snapping away and someone says, "hey, grab a shot with my camera, too," or, "will you send me that picture?" the new
at this point, considering the ferocity that hp made those allegations. . >> closing the year with one more indignity. >> and not only are they being questioned in terms of the deal that they made, even though it was not under meg whitman, but there are some questions about that pc upgrade cycle and the impact or the nonimpact of windows 8. there's an interesting quote of fujitsu's president. they said that they will miss their annual shipment target because of slow demand in 2008. the president actually calling the demand weak. that's his word. it's interesting how this story goes on and on and on in terms of microsoft and how it hasn't lived up. >> looking ahead to 2013, melissa. it seems like something's got to happen to either high pressure or dell. the market caps are low enough. it would be fascinating the if an asian manufacturer came in and made a purchase for one of those or if there was a split on hp, between the services that have been scrapped. >> speaking of technology, take a look at shares of barnes & noble. pearson is paying $89.5 million for a 5% stake in the nook division.
the golden gate bridge, no roadwork, fog-free nice and clear many san jose 87 northbound hp pavillion on left, light out there, folks taking a break from the last couple of mornings that have been treacherous. roadwork eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn picked up 11:00 this morning in the eastbound direction. earlier car going wrong direction on westbound 80, chp has that store still might be blocking right lane, on the scene. >>> 4:33. residents of a vallejo trailer park are back home after flood waters and mud forced evacuation over the weekend. kira klapper is near the scene with more. >> reporter: good morning. totally different scene here now than it was less than 12 hours ago. all that is left an a little mud behind me. video you can see from last night. take a look at this, completely different, water flowing almost like river rapids through the park, many residents were forced to evacuate as water was sent into their trailers. some of the residents were told to stay inside their homes, but ignored those warnings afraid their homes might drift away in the water that seeme
over the wall highway 87 empty, through san jose past hp pavilion light there, not raining yet, definitely smooth ride. serious problem in the oakland area westbound 580 before lake shore injury accident two right lanes blocked, a person is trapped in the car. be forewarned that area could be a little slow. hopefully they will get that person out sail and clear the lanes. dumbarton bridge road -- roadwork, we have a "sig alert" issued by california highway patrol for skyline boulevard with this tree down both lanes cal trains en route. it will be a bit before that is cleared. >>> controversial photo on the front page of the "new york post" is sparking debate about whether it should have been published. the picture was taken moments before a man was hit and killed by a train monday the line reads: this man is about to die. there's criticism about why the photographer didn't put down his camera to help the victim. he said he took the picture hoping the driver would see his camera flash and there was distance between him and the victim. police say the man who pushed him on to the
she was eightonths old, we movedo th house. first we me three rooms... then we rent them out to hp things a bit. we then builfo rooms on top, and that's where we are now. we wilcoinue build on narrator: th will continue to build. but it's not clearf or migrts lalaide josé will ever be part of the wealthy ci that seems so far away. tokyo in east asia, along with los angeles in the u.s. and mexico city, are defined by geographers for their enormous size. tountryazil, the mega-city ofaoau arhas joined the ranks of these world-famousetpolises, size. wi a population of 1million people at the startof t 21st century. sao paulo is a city of immigras, at the startof t 21st century. who built it neighborhood by neighborhood. the first immigrants to arrive were portuguese explorers and jesuit missionaries, who settled here in 1554 and broughthhem brazil's language a religio bureal growth did not begin between 1880 and the 1950s,4 more tn ve million italians came to sao paulo, atacted by jobs in a booming coffee industry. along with these agricultural workers came small business owners and cr
, they might have even been hp. >> and then changed to electric? >> electric cited to come in the 1890's, and that was around the time when the elevator stopped from material handling and started to be used more frequently for passengers. in 1878, there was a demonstration of the other thing that allowed architects to build taller buildings was the advent of a higher quality steel manufacturing. in 19003, the first production year track models were introduced, that it was when things took off. things took off. >> that mostly happened in new
. >>> san jose north 87 good ride at this early friday morning just a few headlights northbound past hp pavilion and julian on-ramp. san mateo bridge tail lights towards foster city and highrise traffic moving at the limit both directions on the san mateo bridge light. live shot of the bay bridge toll, a little busy, certainly no delays no issues on upper deck coming into san francisco. north 101 university on-ramp blocked with accident richmond eastbound 80 central off-ramp blocked while they clear an accident. >>> 4:40. >>> who says there is no such thing as a free ride? not san francisco muni. next you will see when people will be able to ride on the city's dime, certain people. >>> i want to know when! >>> new information about how the fiscal cliff standoff is hitting the economy. the add pressure on washington to reach >>> live look from our vollmer peak cam east bay hills bay bridge there, you can see how chilly it is in spots and you don't see fog. both those conditions are out there. mike will update you on that in a few minutes. >>> in an hour the labor department will release
at tl d heomn i intio hp pc onnduao gac t we'te t . h hma res tohond ip. feoeotli bets nduaur o rhi p weaf ae' th tivhe iia cuany ennm >> hati fne ur vrs t'efee ben h yrond e raweeaha >>whre pry dientheoho looir ian fe mers ra f ra t a cnt pl wet m sy pre o tnfti c he che rmn mb wee ictom t thhofthend ensorl ce anoint m s the e. cutrvhe gens das, atsdiy o ewo, he t vi wasfeum tal ahe ib owgho a pn ctceo tw ykn iia rmofdier rzi n t asan a fe gngoror ni se w sttethisr nd 3f to letaedegri ar tirnd se i twohr dy reerwe aer c t y cdfe spe tay a t gasan weut0 00 legied annlav a12 ect ce f ns t d g pe e, a enroksquy dein tmaou idat s rassi ahe wehe eou gou chngouro c torreocn. >> d elica >>s$30. ooruenro a er w irmn ee t hafo sad hapenfti d opdha >> h t iifhaou thlls rmt e sce ers w'r el, g t foio ansueumtiou ve hwn meio werdtnnd letnghe st rdoinat thantycao ckha ccu wewoitheo m rey gt ed pld t bh f siy,owhi thnyrets fostny anngha wee? >>s w.stsice. oreoronhi athop c u ou a w.keprco >>lcbaim t liaceluss wie isp ui ycoy. >canehi ek epuryi coit b gghe cm uc hcls. t
on sale for the show at hp pavilion. b i.e. ber just did a sold outshow. the efforts that help children get from point a to point b. wet weather will be back in the forecast. we'll find out when the next storm is going to hit. > >>> today is a busy day for fedex. in fact, it's so busy, it's going to be its biggest day ever. they say they sent 19 million packages today. the company says the. >> i'm meteorologist hear to talk to you about -- here to talk to you about changes ahead. >> some reaching 70 degrees. we are going to see a huge switch. it's going to feel like winter all of a sudden. they're failing off. san francisco 359. a chilly one in nappa, 49 degrees. temperatures were anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above average this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. satellite radar showing you we remain with mostly clear conditions. i want to have show you the satellite radar. here's a 12-hour alley-oop. in the last 12 hours we can see an arch beginning to cave a little bit right back here. this is where the system is coming from, dropping in in time for tuesday night and into wednesday
in aig for just under $8 billion. that ends the era of government ownership. >>> on the street, hp, the dow's worst performer shot up on rumors that activist investor carl icahn is building a stake in the pc maker. meanwhile mcdonald's gave blue chips a boost in better than expected sales. apple and google have reportedly combined their competing bids for a bundle of kodak patents. former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn and a maid have agreed to settle a suit. the dollar amount will remain confidential. >>> retailers hired 465,000 seasonal workers land month. up 25% from last year. >>> they say apple's map is life-threatening, this after several drivers headed for a town in australia where it ended at a dirt road miles away from food and water. >>> finally, serbian tennis champ novak djokovic ruined the world's christmas after he bought up the entire year's supply for his new restaurant. it, by the way, is made from a milk of serbian donkeys. i'm sure a lot of disappointed folks out there. >>> well, coming up, dramatic video of a foiled robbery attempt. and a massive funnel cloud
conditions out there san jose north 87 past hp pavilion, no problems, a little farther north when 87 hits 101 reports of injury accident blocking right lane, be aware if you are headed there it is out there. injury accident partially blocking grand avenue on-ramp to eastbound 580 in the clearing stages. eastbound 4 at loveridge, roadwork has right lane shutdown not a full closure, right lane shutdown eastbound at loveridge to somersville. westbound looking good out of antioch towards pittsburg, 12 minute drive into concord from hillcrest. >>> 4:51. >> with we continue to follow breaking news from the -- south bay where a truck plows into an apartment complex. a 3-year-old girl is at the hospital. >>> still tracking the storm sweeping across the bay area. meteorologist lisa argen is next with live before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. . >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. live look from our sutro cam t
will play the stockton thunder at hp pavilion. more than 17,000 free tickets were given out to fans. the plan is to give sharks fans a little hockey fix and to give nearby businesses a boost in traffic during this nhl lockout. it has been really tough on businesses. >>> it's been 14 years and the death of an east bay man remains unsolved. >>> a shortage in napa. what grape growers need more of but may not be able to get until 2014. >>> welcome back. time now is 4:53. a reward is available after 14 years. 37-year-old rick was walking along second street in front of the family owned trucking company when police say a driver intentionally ran him over. that car is described as a late model '07s or '80s light colored cadillac with a dark top. his brothers is our colleague. >>> a vigil will be held in san rafael to remember a woman who was killed four years ago. ashley's body was found in the parking lot behind the fourth street tavern on december 16th, 2008. she had been raped and strangled. she was last seen the night before leaving the tavern with a man. that case remains unsolved. t
hockey for a night at hp pavilion. >> baseball news. a 3 year deal in the neighbor of 15 million dollars resigning this guy an that's good neighborhood. he pitched in 73 games for the world champion this past season and reported 25 saves. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> fun to watch him blossom. >> remarkable. >> thanks very much. >> when we come back we'll recap the latest headlines on the school shooting and sandy ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. an
to play for the red sox. pro hockeys return to the hp pavilion. minor league pro hockey. 12,000 hockey fans showed up to see the bulls take on the thunder. bulls tie it up. but stockton ices it. tony scores on the rebound. 5-2. and of course, what would hockey be without a little fight? as you see here. fists. nobody got hurt, badly. stockton wins 6-4 and hockey for one night back. mike, bob and now jim, the only three division 1 coaches to reach 100 wins. he reached the file stone in -- milestone in his 37th year. with three more wins he will become number two all time and warriors a note here, yeah -- >> i like your note. >> david lee, the forward for the warriors, named the player of the week in the western conference. >> all right, david. >> yep. >> good night, everybody.
into the forecast wednesday.dbéñ >>> happy thursday. light in san jose 87 northbound past hp pavilion light and at the limit san rafael looking south past civic center towards lincoln avenue, a few tail lights southbound no delays over golden gate bridge. wanted to show you our traffic app, waze app in the fremont area north 880 injury accident at stevenson. no significant slowing past this accident, chp on scene hope to have it cleared shortly still out there blocking the right lane between stevenson and hour . free app to navigate -- >>> this morning two top deputy secretaries in the state department will testify before congress on the attacks on the consulate in libya they will face questions about a new report that points to failures by the department for inadequate security in benghazi. ambassador stevens and two other americans died. stevens was a native here his father tells abc news the report is upsetting because it reveals nature of decisions made and not may. planning a vote today on a republican plan to avoid fiscal cliff. plan b would block tax increases from being triggered ja
through possibly the new year on a dry note. >>> good morning. live shot in san jose north 87 past hp pavilion headlights northbound and southbound towards 101 no delays. golden gate bridge looks like they are getting sprinkles on the bridge now, roads looking wet as you make your way from the waldo grade into san francisco. other than that traffic light there. checking back with all mass transit back on normal schedule this morning, expecting light ridership this week. flooding 121 in the napa area pardon me sonoma area 121 highway 12 closed at 8th street due to flooding they expect to have that cleared by 7:00 this morning. >>> 4:50. president obama is cutting short his christmas holiday in hawaii to resume talks on averting the fiscal cliff. this is video of the president and the first lady departing honolulu yesterday after visiting with troops. mrs. obama and the couple's two daughters are scheduled to remain in hawaii until january 6th. the president willey for washington this evening. lawmakers have less than a week to come to an agreement on how to avert tax increases set to g
and 199067891996 won the u.s. singles title in frichbt crowd, remember at hp pavilion? returning after earning a bronze medal at world championships. the 43-year-old now coaches skating in san jose. >> what a career. >> yes oo. coming up next a 3,000 items yaused too17k decore this tree. >> yes. they're all very fragile. >>> coming up a case of very bad timing tonight a gun store about to open its koor doors over occasions of neighbor autos planting a dream. the east bay campus hoping to win a grant by becoming a little school that could. >> a big move for san francisco exploratorium, packing up the past, preparing for the future, those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> and finally here holiday spirit climbing to new heights in one city. >> yes. >> nicknamed city of taste. it's fitting the christmas free tree is made of dining ware. >> check that out. made of 3,000 flaits plaits, cups and crockery donated by the people. symbolizes staples shared by family and friends, a special recognition for those that couldn't be there. >> and you don't have >>> this is "world news." tonight, we take y
past hp pavilion, julian exit, everything is moving nicely, macarthur maze from east 580 and south 880 and 80p'pz west nicely flowing into the bay bridge toll, no problems there. out of the central valley 205, tracy at the limit, no issues westbound. roadwork still in lanes westbound dumbarton bridge until 5:00 this morning for a few more minutes. northbound 880 from 92 to embarcadero various closures due to roadwork. >>> coming up, manhunt on right now after a daring escape from a federal lock-up. how two inmates got away 20 stories up. >>> bay area driver in a tight spot. where he was going and why he >>> officers faced an unusual challenge in marin county, how to free a driver who wedged his car on to a bike path. the elderly driver was trying to get on 101 near greenbrae nvg confused he drove on to a bike path and found himself jammed in between the concrete wall. >> vehicle was wedged in pretty well we had to pull it loose with a tow truck once free other officer was able to get into the driver's seat and back the vehicle up. >> officer had to scratch and scrape the car to wiggle
-handed man tonight. a's busy too. and prohockey back in hp pavilion. ,, [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. hiring of new football coacn caragher... . >>> san jose state backers are not the only ones fire department up by the hiring of new football coach ron. jim harbaugh's reaction. >> ron, fantastic. >> prep guy. the new guy for the spartans comes to san diego. 44 and 22 in six seasons. looking to continue the success built by mike mackentire. >> i know there's been ups and downs over the years. the last 25 years or so. but maybe i can come in and bring some consistency. and keep it, you know, just build off what coach mac did here and keep it at a high level. >> baseball, the a's lost shortstop steven drew to b
the market taken by surprise. >> reporter: hp attempted to change from slow growth hardware took a horrible turn. the company announced a massive charge related to its purchase of a software company, it's at a ten year low. once mighty dell, it's shareso down over 25 years to death. even microsoft who has updated windows software and flashy new tablet are getting high marks is on the defensive. >> what is your response? >> the pc has never been dead. it never will die. it moves on. >> reporter: sounds good but even rookie investors have their eyes elsewhere. >> your biggest holding was apple. why did you pick that? >> apple has great products like the i-phone and i-pad. >> reporter: leave it to kids to keep it real. for many the pc wow factor is gone for good. >> unless you dropped it or hurt it or done something to it or the hard drive is about to drive there is no reason to replace it. this is a definition of a mature market. >> reporter: on the flip side replacement of product is what apple is all about. analysts predict they may sale 50 million i-phone 5's by the end of the yearn.
. number tim cook came out compact. his training is much like hp and dell. he was never a steve jobs clone. unfortunately, apple was designed to run under steve jobs. david: steve jobs is gone, tim cook is in. does apple ever recover the historic price levels that we saw for their stock just a few months ago? >> it seems, i mean, if you change enough of a company that has been trading very well that has been doing excellent, making almost no mistakes, it is difficult, the odds are against it. it is always possible, but the odds are against it. the apple today is not the apple that was trading at those highs. david: they are telling me i have to cut short. no po, flop or success? will this phone help them? >> i love the 920. android is looking weak. apple is looking a little bit weaker. those two companies will try to come back next year. the 920 is sold very well. it will be a race to see which company can actually restore their old glory. both of them are looking pretty good right now. the phone that i am caring right now is the 920. david: does someone by rim? >> i think they are still t
cars passing by hp pavillion no delays. >> san mateo bridge a few brake lights westbound curve towards the highrise traffic otherwise flowing at the limit towards foster city and foster city boulevard, 101, san mateo. drive times headed southbound 880 towards san jose not bad, 237, altamont good towards dublin pleasanton and livermore drive southern marin 580 to the golden gate bridge under 15 minutes. >>> 5:25. lol! happy birthday. the next message is 20-years-old, it doesn't seem like texting has been around that long, december 3rd, 1992, the first short message service was sent a 22-year-old tech in great britain wanted to send a message to his co-worker during a christmas party the message read simply, "merry christmas." >>> the vatican is holding a news conference this morning to launch the pope's personal twitter account. the pope will tweet this six witches, he sent out his first last year from a vatican account which tweets news about the pontiff. in case you are wondering why he didn't take@pope that. was taken. guess by whom? >> silicon valley web developer. i checked@god. >>
sailing, smooth, no problems, 87 northbound past hp pavilion julian street on-ramp, no delays northbound to the bay bridge no problems nice light ride into san francisco no problems on the incline making your way towards the tunnel, eastbound 580 north flynn expect roadwork in lanes until 11:00, westbound not bad out of the central valley. fire hydrant spewing water in san francisco folsom at essex, is effecting essex on-ramp to eastbound lower deck bay bridge you cannot use that ramp you want bryan street access. >>> recall alert for parents from 7 on your side. government taking action against makers of the nap nanny, a portable baby recliner, five infant deaths were reported. it poses a substantial risk of injury and death to infants. the commission says it is dangerous with a faulty design and demanding recall. coming up why the makers are refusing to pull the product off the market. >>>s did say new genetic testing may give expectant moms more information on their baby's health. 6% of fetuses shown to be normal by conventional testing were found to have abnormalities byél=ñ gene s
jose traffic at the limit no problems past hp pavilion northbound. bunching up a little where 580 merges with 80, slow traffic in the westbound direction, a lot of headlights towards the macarthur maze and berkeley curve into the bay bridge toll, expecting m l any time it is moving, not -- expecting metering lights a time but it is moving. a look at our traffic app n is the waze app, mike has been talking about fog, our traffic spotters are seeing that along 80 corridor through vallejo, rodeo, hercules, san pablo. expect limited visibility in these areas. download this free app for yourself on your iphone, smartphone. >>> developing news from japan this morning. tsunami warnings lifted now for the country after magnitude 7.3 quake hit overnight the epicenter was off the north eastern coast of japan near the miyagi prefecture. shaking could be felt across most of the country. video of the shaking in tokyo as it happened this is the news agency where lights swayed in the office building, terrified workers held on to desks. in japan they are used to it so they know the drill, still f
highway 87 past hp pavilion julian exit a few headlights northbound, light, nice morning to be driving northbound on 87, westbound 80 east shore freeway past golden gate fields, university avenue into emeryville and into the macarthur maze light now you can see no problems once you get into the bay bridge toll, new reports of a stall past the metering lights on the right on the incline section. power lines down fairmont between 580 and lake chabot road in san leandro, take lake chabot castro valley to avoid that. amy hollyfield is on the way to give us a live update. out of the central valley up and over the altamont pass looking good, everything is at the limit, no issues, look at some of your drive times 580, highway 4 and highway 80 still a good looking drive at this hour. >>> next, the attack that has knocked a small bay area radio station off the air. >>> john mcafee -- what john mcafee says he wants most now. >>> consumer spending this summer wasn't as good as first thought, signs we are still being careful with our money figures out thursday are expected to show modest increase
. >>> good morning. crystal clear in san jose north on 87 past hp pavilion a few headlights this is the julian off-ramp smooth sailing through san jose. a car has driven off the roadway southbound highway 35 skyline boulevard at the san francisco/san mateo county line between there and daly boulevard, fire on seen, crews up there, expect delays past the scene while they get that car off -- out and back on the road. southbound 101 roadwork poplar 92 until 6:00. >>> this morning, more agencies will join the search for a 77-year-old man believed to have fallen into the mare island strait. today equipment will be brought in to intensify the search. amy hollyfield is live on mare island. >> reporter: the coast guard is hoping to get answers for the family. officials fear the worst. 77-year-old philip mattingly disappeared saturday night he had been working on a world war ii vessel, which was docked at vallejo's mare island. police don't suspect foul play. they say his truck was still in the parking lot. this case belongs to police, today they will be getting help from the coast g
up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. >>> deal or no deal in the senate. we're hearing about a lot of process and progress. maybe not the kind of progress we were expecting or hoping for. congressional correspondent dana bash is on the hill. what are you hearing about a possible short-term deal, a pushoff of the se quest, which would create another mini cliff down the road. what's the drama around this. >> we have been hearing over the past hour from congressional democratic sources telling us that republicans are pushing to delay the sequester, which is $110 billion in spending cuts, to delay it for three months. democrats on capitol hill are saying that they don't want to do anything less than a year. they want to delay the sequester for at least a year. and what is fascinating about this is what has happened over the past 24 hours or so is when we learn about things when they hit a snag, it's for a purpose. it's to send a signal to
the suit says hp represented the original value, hp is reviewing the claim. their lowest level of the year, better news analysts say they will continue to drop. national tafrpblg below the $3.27 a gallon mark drivers were paying january 1st of this year. prices dropped for the past 27 days, energy experts predict prices could fall further, prices with will aren't 20 cents a gallon less than in -- will run 20 cents a gallon less -- >>> [ inaudible ] >> deadly attack that left four americans dead, including a bay area native. events happening now on capitol hill as the investigation into . >>> live doppler seeing clouds north bay some radar returns blue variety not making it to the ground because the air is too dry between cloverdale -- napa 30, colder concord 29, 26 fairfield, frost redwood city and 32°. increasing clouds temperatures mid to upper 50s tonight won't be as coal tomorrow morning. but we'll have rain this -- we'll have rain this time tomorrow. >>> incline section upper deck reports of hit-and-run accident near s of curve, traffic flowing nicely. couple issues bart still experi
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